Let’s Live More Productively


1. Do Every Activity in Balance

Keep Every Activity Balanced/Photo: Pexels.com/Moose Photos

The first way to make the best use of time is to do each activity accordingly, don’t overdo it. Starting from working, studying, playing cellphones, meeting friends, and so on according to the schedule you made.

Don’t waste your time on just one thing. If you are good at dividing your time, it will definitely not be wasted.

2. Take Enough Rest

Take Enough Rest/Photo: Pexels.com/Ketut Subiyanto

Even though being productive is something you have to do, you shouldn’t forget about taking a break. Because, lack of rest time is also not good for health.

Take adequate rest and good sleep, which is about 7 hours to 8 hours a night. Rest also helps you refresh your tired mind after a day of activities.

3. Sort by Priority

Sort By Priority/Photo: Pexels.com/Karolina

The next way to use time effectively is to sort all your activities based on a priority scale. You can sort from most important to least important.

Get in the habit of setting priorities before you start doing something so that all your activities can be well organized and don’t fall apart or miss an important thing.

4. Reduce Useless Activities

Reduce Useless Activities/Photo: Pexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio

You can reduce activities that are less useful and take up enough of your time. Among them are hanging out, watching movies, playing cellphones, and various other things that are less useful.

Because, without realizing these activities can make you forget the time. You can replace it by doing something more productive.

5. Focus and do activities according to schedule

Focus and Do Activities as Scheduled/Photo: Pexels.com/Christina Morillo

If you want to be more productive and have fun all day long, then you need to set the schedule that you have created in advance. If you spend time playing without making plans with a pre-made schedule, your work and assignments will be overwhelmed. Discipline and managing time wisely are needed in carrying out daily activities.