Freebies: Xmas Mish Mash Giftbox

Back by special request, we’re sharing Jinjerup’s Xmas Mish Mash Giftbox for your Christmas goodies! :) Handy for wrapping last minute gifts, have fun filling them with snacks or treats, am sure your loved ones will love this cute little box! (based on Jinjerup’s Xmas Mishmash pattern)


Please click THIS LINK HERE to download Xmas Mish Mash Giftbox Template
(Download instructions: Click on the link above and you will be led to a webpage with a folder icon and XmasMishMash Giftbox text beside the folder icon, click on the folder icon to begin downloading your freebie’s zip folder. After downloading, unzip folder and print PDF files with Adobe Reader.)

1) The PDF Files are formatted to letter sized: 11″x 8.5″.
2) Open & print PDF files in FREE Adobe Reader software.
3) Your screen & printer’s printout colors may look slightly different from PDF files.

When you use Jinjerup PDF files, you agree that you can only print & use Jinjerup PDF Files for your own personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to share, change, sell, distribute, re-sell the PDF files or printed copies of the PDF files for any profit or commercial use. The copyright is not transferable with the sale or use of Jinjerup PDF files. All designs, photos, art & illustration (content) is property of Jinjerup and Copyright © Jinjerup. Jinjerup retains all rights to content.

Note: Images shown are only illustrated previews, images and/or thumbnails of the PDF files. This blog post was originally published on March 17, 2009. This freebie’s PDF files have been updated from their earlier version.

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4 Responses to Freebies: Xmas Mish Mash Giftbox

  1. Julia says:

    I tried to download a freebie without success. Why would I paid for something that isn’t user friendly?

  2. lynn says:

    Hi Julia, which part of the freebie download are you experiencing trouble with? Kindly let us know and we can help you out with it

  3. Maureen Smith says:

    thank you for this very cute giftbox, my family loved it!

  4. Patricia Lopez says:

    Love this little giftbox, thank you for this download! :)

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