Freebies: Owlways Christmas Stationery & Giftwrap Set

Celebrate this Christmas with everyone’s favorite fine feathered friends,
Jinjerup teams up with My Owl Barn to create the special edition set:


Featuring classic red christmas owls on snowy whites, you’re so going to love giftwrapping and writing your Christmas cards & notes this year. And wait, here’s the best part, we’re sharing it all with you for FREE! Have fun this owlways jolly season with your brand new Owlways Christmas set.

This christmas owl freebie set comes in two parts:
1) Owlways Christmas Giftwrap Set
This set contains mini giftwrap & 3 gift tags
and is available for download via My Owl Barn

2) Owlways Christmas Stationery Set
This set contains 2 note cards & an envelope
and is available for download here via Jinjerup Blog

More info on your freebies’ PDF files & download links below


1) Owlways Christmas Giftwrap Set
Click HERE to visit My Owl Barn to download Owlways Christmas Giftwrap Set

2) Owlways Christmas Stationery Set
Please click THIS LINK HERE to download Owlways Christmas Stationery Set Template
(Download instructions: Click on the link above and you will be led to a webpage with a folder icon and Owlways Christmas_Stationery text beside the folder icon, click on the folder icon to begin downloading your freebie’s zip folder. After downloading, unzip folder and print PDF files with Adobe Reader.)

1) The PDF Files are formatted to letter sized: 11″x 8.5″.
2) Open & print PDF files in FREE Adobe Reader software.
3) Your screen & printer’s printout colors may look slightly different from PDF files.
4) Some photos of the Owlways Christmas set show the gift tag and notecard having slightly scalloped/patterned edges, this patterned/scalloped effect is made by using a craft scissors after cutting out the gifttags or notecard from the printed PDF file. The actual cutting lines/outlines of the gifttag and note card are straight lines.

When you use Jinjerup & My Owl Barn PDF files, you agree that you can only print & use Jinjerup & My Owl Barn PDF Files for your own personal, non-commercial use only. You are not allowed to share, change, sell, distribute, re-sell the PDF files or printed copies of the PDF files for any profit or commercial use. The copyright is not transferable with the sale or use of Jinjerup & My Owl Barn PDF files. All designs, photos, art & illustration (content) is property of Jinjerup & My Owl Barn and Copyright © Jinjerup & My Owl Barn. Jinjerup & My Owl Barn retains all rights to content.

Have fun with your brand new Owlways Christmas printables!


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21 Responses to Freebies: Owlways Christmas Stationery & Giftwrap Set

  1. Tanya says:

    Thank you so much for this freebie. I love owls!

  2. Jennifer Cheek-Payan says:

    The Owlsey printables are so cute! Thank you so much for making them available for download!

  3. Michelle Bracken says:

    Found these while browsing and am enamored with them but the link is dead on the original site and your second one leads there.
    Can you help me in anyway?
    REALLY love love!

  4. Sahra says:

    It seems that the link for the giftwrap set is expired, and it was posted today. Was it meant to be up for only a couple of hours?

    Really wanted to see the paper in full size, looks so cute! :)

  5. lynn says:

    Thank you Tanya, Jennifer Cheek-Payan, Michelle Bracken & Sahra for the lovely feedback & comments!

    Michelle Bracken & Sahra> Yup, have just checked there’s a problem with the giftwrap set’s download link! Shall notify Shivani of My Owl Barn blog about it :) Thanks for the heads up!

  6. lynn says:

    p/s- Shall get the link up and running as soon we can! ;)

  7. Alyce says:

    thank you so much for the free printables. Downloaded the stationery set and look forward to printing them and using them!

  8. These are all just so lovely, getting the printer ready.
    thanks for the freebies

  9. Rebecc says:

    Would love that gift wrap, hopefully the link will work soon!

  10. Ann Richards says:

    Thanks so much!

  11. lynn says:

    Hi folks, a quick note to say that the giftwrap’s set is up & running, head on over to My Owl Barn for your download ^ — ^

  12. Linie says:

    Lynn, They’re so cute (as usual ;o) ).

  13. Zakka Life says:

    Just shared about these on my site today. Linked up to both your site and My Owl Barn.


  14. Athena says:

    Thanks for sharing! So cute!

  15. Vicki says:

    what a lovely gift for us to share. thank you, i am just delighted to use this. ♥

  16. LOU says:

    Thanks for the lovely stationary and gift set.

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  19. Mariejo says:

    well, Christmas is over for now, but I hope there will be another one next year, so I downloaded these nice owls, you never know if there will be anything as cute as these. Thanks a lot

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