Welcome to a brand new Jinjerup! :)

Heya there dearies, big hugs & cheers!
We welcome you to a brand new Jinjerup! After more than 6 months of tinkering & building, we’re super happy to announce the launch of our BRAND NEW WEBSITE and also the launch of NEW Jinjerup printables & product ranges!

Here’s the latest on our new Jinjerup website! We’ve spent quite a bit of time working on its new look & style and the results are a cleaner & easier-to-navigate layout with Jinjerup Shop, Pattern & Blog all under one roof!

Look no further than Jinjerup Shop for cute printables & products, click here!

Jinjerup patterns are now categorized and neatly stored for your browsing pleasure, click here

Stay up-to-date on fresh new Jinjerup blog posts, click here!

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Enough blog chatter, time for you guys to have fun exploring the new Jinjerup website on your own! wink*


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